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Working With Templates

HTML templates are useful in cases where the author has to create several pages which have similar design but different content. With KompoZer you can design your own templates and use them as a basis for your web pages.

Creating a Template

  1. To create a template:
  2. Add and format the content which will remain the same in every page with same methods used to edit normal text in a web page.
  3. For the content which will be different in the web pages, Editable Area can be inserted by clicking on Insert > Templates > Editable Area. Options available for an editable area are:
  4. Save the file as an .mzt Template file.

Tip: You can Remove an editable area or make an area editable using the status bar. For details refer Using Status Bar for Formatting Your Web Page.

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Using a Template

To use a Template for authoring web pages:

  1. Click on File > Open or use keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+N"
  2. Select the option "A New Document based on a Template" and choose the template to use by clicking on "Choose File"
  3. Click on Create
  4. Edit the content in the editable areas.
  5. Save the file as an html document.

Tip: Click on Edit > Detach From Template to detach a document from its template.

Tip: Transformation of existing document into a template and vice-versa can be achieved by checking(unchecking) the "Templates" option in Format > Page Title and Properties.

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