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Setting Page Properties

Setting Page Properties and Meta Tags

Use the Page Properties dialog box to enter properties such as the title, author, and description of the document you're currently working on. This information is useful if you plan to use the page on a web site, since search engines use this type of information to index your page. You can view this information from the browser window by opening the View menu and choosing Page Info.

  1. Open the Format menu and choose Page Title and Properties.
  2. Edit any of the following properties:

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Setting Page Colors and Backgrounds

You can change the background color or specify a background image for the page you're currently working on. These choices affect the way text and links in your page appear to people viewing the page through a browser.

To set the colors and background for the current page, begin from the KompoZer window:

  1. Open the Format menu and choose Page Colors and Background.
  2. Edit any of the following properties:

Note: To apply additional attributes or JavaScript events, click Advanced Edit to display the Advanced Property Editor.

You can also set the default page background and colors for every new page you create in KompoZer.

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