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Customizing KompoZer

Toolbar Customiation

KompoZer has toolbars which can be customized by the user to suite their likings. The users can keep their most frequently used buttons on the toolbars and hide those rarely used in effect making it easier to use, and giving the users the satisfaction to tailor the look of KompoZer according to their preferences.

How to Customize Toolbars

To open the toolbar customize window, Click on View > Show/Hide > Customize Toolbar and select the toolbar you want to customize. Or you can right-click with the mouse on the toolbar you want to edit and select "Customize Toolbar".

To customize the toolbars

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Enhancing KompoZer Functionality

KompoZer has an inbuilt mechanism to enhance its already powerful functions. New functionality can be added to KompoZer by adding extensions. Extentions are small programs which give users new features or functions when installed in KompoZer. Users can choose to install the extensions they want. Thus extensions allow users to have a customized installation of KompoZer. To install an extension:

You should regularly check for updates for the installed extensions with the Extension Manager. Updates usually improve the features offered by the extensions and resolve problems in older versions.

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