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KompoZer Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Shortcuts

This document uses the following format for listing shortcuts:


Command Windows/Mac OS/Unix/Linux
Copy Ctrl+C/Cmd+C

To perform a command, press the accelerator key Ctrl/Cmd and the press the shortcut combination key C once (while keeping the accelerator key pressed).

Tip: The plus sign (+) means that you must press two keys surrounding the plus sign at the same time. If there is more than one plus sign (such as Ctrl+Shift+C), it means that all three buttons surrounding the plus sign must be pressed at the same time.


Note: Some keyboard shortcuts perform different functions based on cursor location (focus). For example, if you press Home on Windows while viewing a web page, KompoZer will move to the top of the web page. However, if you press Home on Windows while the cursor is in a text field, the cursor will go to the beginning of the text field.

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General KompoZer Shortcuts

Command Windows/Unix/Linux/MacOS
Open File Ctrl/Cmd+O
Open New Page/Template Ctrl/Cmd+N
Open New Tab Ctrl/Cmd+T
Save File Ctrl/Cmd+S
Copy Ctrl/Cmd+C
Paste Ctrl/Cmd+V
Cut Ctrl/Cmd+X
Select All Ctrl/Cmd+A
Close Window Ctrl/Cmd+W
Delete Next Word Ctrl/Cmd+Del
Go Up One Page Page Up
Go Down One Page Page Down
Go Up One Line Up Arrow
Go Down One Line Down Arrow
Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z
Redo Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Z
Find Ctrl/Cmd+F
Find Again Ctrl+G or F3/Cmd+G
Find Previous Ctrl+Shift+F/?
Open Context Menu Shift+F10/Ctrl+Space
Open Main Menu (switches to the first drop-down menu at the top of the window) Alt or F10/Controlled through keyboard preference in Control Panel
Move to beginning of line (in a text editing field) Home/Cmd+Left Arrow/Ctrl+A
Move to end of line (in a text editing field) End/Cmd+Right Arrow/Ctrl+E
Switch to Next Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab) Ctrl+Page Down
Switch to Previous Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab) Ctrl+Page Up
Close Tab Ctrl/Cmd+W
Exit KompoZer Ctrl/Cmd+Q

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KompoZer Composition Shortcuts

These are the shortcuts needed for editing html pages with KompoZer.

Command Windows/Unix/Linux/MacOS
Open Web Location Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L
Publish Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+S
Text Zoom - Smaller Ctrl/Cmd+-
Text Zoom - Larger Ctrl/Cmd+= OR Ctrl/Cmd++ (plus)
Text Zoom - 100% Ctrl/Cmd+O
Insert/Edit Link Ctrl/Cmd+L
Text style Bold Ctrl/Cmd+B
Text style Italic Ctrl/Cmd+I
Text style Underline Ctrl/Cmd+U
Increase Indent Ctrl/Cmd+[
Decrease Indent Ctrl/Cmd+]
Discontinue Text Styles Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Y
Discontinue Link Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+K
Select Row/Column Ctrl/Cmd+Drag
Select Cells(s) Ctrl/Cmd+Click (drag to select block of cells, or continue clicking to select individual cells)
Site Manager F9
Start Spell Check Ctrl+K/Cmd+K

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Help Window Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available from Help windows.

Command WindowsMac OSUnix/Linux
Navigate Links within Content Pane (right pane) Tab
Toggle the visibility of Sidebar F9
Increase Text Size Ctrl/Cmd+= OR Ctrl/Cmd+Shift++ (plus)
Decrease Text Size Ctrl/Cmd+- (minus)
Switch between Content Pane and Search/Contents/Index/Glossary (toggle) F6
Navigate Index Terms (while Index Pane is selected) Up/Down Arrow
Scroll Pane (Content, Table of Contents, or Index) Up/Down Arrow
Expand/Collapse Table of Contents Tree Structure Right/Left Arrow
Print Page Ctrl+PCmd+P
Go Back to Previous Page Alt/Cmd+Left Arrow
Go Forward One Page Alt/Cmd+Right Arrow
Close KompoZer Help Window Ctrl/Cmd+W

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